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Podcast – The Pale Lady, Part 2

We have arrived at the castle of the Brankovans in the Carpathians after being saved from the brutal Kostaki by the gallant Gregoriska. Those first trials over, what is in store for our heroine inside these ancient walls?

Podcast – The Pale Lady, Part One

Dive head first on horseback into Alexandre Dumas’ 1849 Vampire story “The Pale Lady.” This is the first of 4 installments from the novella, which is set against the scenic Carpathian mountains. Meet the brave maid, dangerous brigands, and brothers at odds who will define this unexpectedly Gothic tale from the write of “The Three…

31Ghosts Update

Shocking as it may be to some, starting a project of this magnitude during a pandemic was perhaps not the most sustainable decision. Unfortunately, much of my work was cut short. Some of it was for happy reasons (which I will get into in a little bit), but other reasons include losing someone, pandemic-related family…

Demon (2015)

PolandWriter & Director: Marcin WronaCurrently available on Shudder. Demon is one of the most chaotic and satisfyingly realistic wedding movies in existence. With the exception of the whole demon possession thing. There are terms and translations that will give away key themes in the film, so in the interest of avoiding that, we’ll mostly focus…

Podcast Ep 6 – The Red Shoes

Karen gets carried away with a pair of enviable red dancing shoes in Hans Christian Andersen’s version of “The Red Shoes”.

November (2017)

EstoniaDirector & Writer: Rainer SarnetAvailable on Shudder. We open on an animated assortment of farm equipment on a mission. The creation is a kratt, a mythological creature created by trading one’s soul to the devil. It’s a short sighted deal: while kratt’s can increase a peasant’s immediate station, long term they must continue to be…

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