A Beginning

31Ghosts will publish 31 essays/reviews/curated lists of Horror films the month of October. Additionally, there will be a recorded short Horror story every weekday via the 31Ghosts podcast. The first recording is available today on my patreon.

Thematically, the schedule for posts will be as follows:

  • Weekly Themes:
    • Week 1 (October 1st-3rd): Small Town/Hometown Horrors
    • Week 2 (October 5th-10th): Werewolves
    • Week 3 (October 12th-16th): Vampires
    • Week 4 (October 19th-24th): Demons
    • Week 5 (October 26th-30th): Surprise
  • Every Sunday there will be a curated list of films on a singly theme.

I have a variety of stories in store for you and look forward to sharing my love of Horror in all formats.

31Ghosts is created by a singly entity and sustained through donations and patrons. One time donations can be made here: https://ko-fi.com/josephinemaria


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